You’ve worked hard to find a team of employees you love. Now, you’ve got to keep them—with prompt, accurate payments on a predictable schedule.

But if you’re like many business owners, the thought of calculating earnings, determining commission, paying full-time employees and contractors, and doing it all on time is enough to make your head spin. You’re not alone. If you’re ready to simplify your payroll management, you’re in luck.

E-3 Services can assist with all aspects of payroll management, tax payment, and reporting. We’ll help you out with:


Payroll Checks & Vouchers
Detailed Payroll Register
General Ledger Entry
Tax Liability Reports
Federal, State & City Tax Deposit Checks / Notices


Federal & State Tax Returns
Taxable Wages Recap Report
Federal, State & City Tax Deposit Summaries
State Unemployment Tax Return


Employee W-2 Forms
Federal W-3 Forms
Federal Unemployment Tax Return
Federal, State & City Recaps
Paperless Payroll CD


We also offer paperless payroll at no extra cost, saving you time, freeing up your storage space, and doing the planet a favor in the process.

Our mission is to free up your time and energy to empower you to do what you love. And because we know that no two businesses are alike, we offer levels of service tailored to your needs. Choose from:


You already understand how payroll works. You need some help setting up your business’ payroll process, but once it’s established, you’d rather run it yourself.


Helping Hand

We’ll help you set up your internal payroll system and give you insight into different aspects of the process as you need them. We process your payroll but you want to determine when you’ll pay the payroll taxes.  We can work with that…


24/7 Service

Just want it done, but don’t want to think about it? Count on us for full-service payroll processing and reporting. Don’t want to think about the IRS?  Don’t want to keep track of vacation or sick pay?  No worries, you’ll get personalized consulting and encouragement when you need it, hands-off service when you don’t.


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